Global Kimchi Day declared

쇼핑 2023-11-30 06:32:38 759

Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp. on Thursday declared "Global Kimchi Day" to raise awareness about the Korean staple food globally, together with Korean food buyers and foreign diplomats during the Buy Korean Food trade fair in Seoul.

The state-run food trade agency, known as aT, has already celebrated Nov. 22 as Kimchi Day following a revision to the Kimchi Industry Promotion Act in February 2020.

At Thursday’s event, aT vowed to seek the day’s global recognition, joining together with foreign supporters, including 12 buyers from nine countries, including the UK, the US, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan, who were designated as goodwill ambassadors.

The event was joined by several ambassadors and diplomats from seven countries, including Argentina, Belarus, Honduras and Venezuela.

The Global Kimchi Forum, a consultative body bringing in voluntary cooperation globally to encourage the adoption of Kimchi Day around the world, was also launched as a part of the event.

"The global designation of Kimchi Day is an opportunity to confirm that the popularity and status of kimchi has increased worldwide, and also an opportunity to inform the international community that Korea is the suzerain state of kimchi," said aT CEO Kim Chun-jin.

"I believe today's proclamation ceremony event of 'Global Kimchi Day' will serve as an opportunity to publicize the excellence and value of kimchi to the world and to promote the health of all mankind."




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